We thank you for choosing us and giving us the opportunity to change your lives forever.

Since 1998 Adriana Muñoz and her original and revolutionary techniques have given all of her patients a chance to change their lifestyles and better their inner health in order to project an absolute outer beauty.

Our philosophy is based on the certainty that the best effective and healthy alternative to plastic surgery is being treated by our Master Aesthetician Adriana Muñoz. We guarantee your satisfaction:

There is proof happily walking out of our spa everyday. COME IN AND FIND OUT!

  • Me siento radiante, donde quiera que vaya, todos sienten mi comodidad y confianza.

    — Ana Morgan

  • Es increible lo fácil que olvidas lo relajante que puede ser un momento para ti! Gracias!

    — Maria Gutierrez

  • Cada vez que salgo de Miracle Hands me siento: Maravillosa!

    — Crisbellt Alvarado

  • The way I feel when I get out of Miracle Hands is just AMAZING

    — Crisbellt Alvarado

  • Its amazing how you can forget how relaxing it is to have a moment for yourself! Thank You!

    — Maria Gutierrez

  • I feel radiant and everywhere I go people can feel my comfort and confidence!

    — Ana Morgan

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EL SOL: por excelencia fuente de energía en la tierra, centro del sistema solar e indispensable para la vida, por lo tanto debemos aprovechar sus virtudes y aprender a cuidarnos de sus efectos nocivos.

El Poder de los Habitos

Cuando hablamos de habitos nos referimos a aquellas conductas que adoptamos y mantenemos con el tiempo y pasan a ser una rutina en nuestra vida cotidiana . Un ejemplo de malos habitos que agreden nuestro cuerpo es, por ejemplo: El fumar ,  tambien el alcohol , el no dormir las horas adecuadas , el no […]


Celebrate Mom in May

In May, you can surprise your Mother with a wide variety of treatments Miracle Hands has to offer. Adriana Munoz explains:      

Our Services

  • Facial Treatments Banner Image - Miracle Hands ADriana

    Facial Treatments

    Adriana Muñoz through her years of experience has developed breakthrough treatments bringing unique and proven benefits for their patients. For her, skin is our calling card and has to be the order of the day.

  • Body Treatments Banner Image - Miracle Hands Adriana

    Body Treatments

    All of our body treatments begin with a thorough consultation by Adriana Munoz aesthetician at no cost, the most important thing for her is that you understand the dynamics of working in their treatments and know your commitment to them

  • Beauty Rituals Banner Image - Miracle Hands Adriana

    Beauty Rituals

    Treat yourself with the luxury of our beauty rituals. Miracle Hands is Advanced Facial and Body beauty, our rituals are fascinating and all of them have been created by Adriana Muñoz Master Aesthetician.

  • Permanent Make Up Banner Image - Miracle Hands Adriana

    Permanent Make Up

    Skill, Accuracy, Good taste, Bio-Safety and Professional Ethics and overall experience are some of our professionals guidelines to achieve a natural and durable lift through micro pigmentation in patients.