Anti-Age Treatments

This is a high impact treatment in Miracle Hands Aesthetic Center.  It is the perfect combination to keep your skin young forever .

Adriana Muñoz takes it very seriously in advising the right care and ways of improvement to your skin from the inside out through  prevention or repair of the constant changes that your skin suffers from every day. The main purpose of this treatment is to restore proper balance of healthy skin guaranteeing greater results and professionalism in our anti-aging procedures.  Our experts are always innovating on the latest and most effective ways of preventing and delaying premature skin aging.

The resources used for this type of treatments are very effective and can go from high antioxidants, DNA , topics and peptides.  Adriana Muñoz has mentioned that these active agents

have a very wide range of potentials while being natural and free-radical free as well as stimulating for the production of collagen and ellastin and repairing at the same time any damages that might have been caused by sun exposure.


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