Deep Facial Cleansing

LimpiezaProfundaIt is very important to create the habit of getting a deep facial cleansing at least once a month. The skin is the most exposed organ of our body and suffers daily attacks such as solar radiation, pollution, climatic factors, the snuff, our body secretions, etc. This can lead to skin imbalance producing impurities, dryness, lack of light and finally leading directly to premature aging.



  • Clean, Bright and Clear skin.
  • Smooth and Uniform skin texture.
  • Soft and Velvety feel.
  • Freshness and Hydration.


Treatment Protocol:

  • Treatment Protocol
  • Skin diagnosis
  • Evaluation of skin type
  • Skin hygiene
  • If necessary removing make
  • Cleaning the neck, face and neck
  • Exfoliation, lotion application descaler
  • vaporization
  • Removing impurities from the skin
  • Disinfection and close pores with high frequency (bactericidal effects and antiflamatorio)
  • Manual massage
  • Sealant treatment or nourishing moisturizer
  • Eye Contour Cream
  • Applying sunscreen



1 hour 15 minutes.

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