Photo Stimulation

Biophotonics or Photostimulation therapy is the use of the wavelengths of the visible spectrum (light) for therapeutic purposes.


  •      Photorejuvenation: Improves skin texture, restores its appearance, elasticity and vitality lost through aging and photodamage.
  •      Acne Treatment: First-line treatment in cases of mild to moderate acne, and as an adjunct in the treatment of severe acne. Bactericidal power against Propionibacterium acnes (Main causal bacteria in the process of inflammatory acne).
  •      Wound Healing: Its use in prolonged healing wounds (laparotomies, wound closure by second intention, diabetic ulcers,varicose ulcers) promotes tissue proliferation and thereby closing the wound. It can also be used in traumatic injuries with loss of large areas of skin.
  •      Anti-inflammatory: Used in local inflammatory processes of any kind, helps a rapid resolution of inflammatory processes from any cause (traumatic, surgical, infectious, etc..). Ideal in procedures like laser deep peels, laser hair removal, deep chemical peeling.Fototerapia


Authorized for use by beauticians.
The X-irradiation without contamination guarantees Kromax infrared or UV.
Wide range of applications.

Types of light:

Red light (630 nanometers)
Yellow light (585 nanometers)
Green light (525 nanometers)
Blue light (420 nanometers)

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