Sun & Moon Bathing

It is definitely a therapy that provides a space for dreaming:

The moon bath for the bride and sunbathing for the groom.

Miracle Hands has created this comprehensive system of interacting beauty in relaxation and aesthetics, making you feel and look radiant for your special day. It is also used for people regardless of their marital status want pamper your body and leave your skin beautiful, hydrated and youthful feeling both visually and to the touch.


This bath cleanses and detoxifies leaving skin clean and free of dead cells to look radiant.

Treatment protocol:

  • Peel with Fruit  granules
  • Spot removal with active ingredients.
  • Application of essential oils and moisturizers.
  • Fruit mask that hydrates and nourishes the skin
  • Thermotherapy
  • Seal treatment with silk and gold creams.
  • Duration:

    1 hour and 30 minutes

Spa Treatments

  • Faceform £10
  • Bodyform £15
  • Massageform £25
  • Hands & Feetform £8
  • Nailsform £10
  • Lashes & Browsform £10
  • Hair RemovalView
  • Tanningform £12
  • For Menform £15